Monday, October 19, 2009

Getting Started, my own little “Hello, World!”

I first started this blog as but somehow got locked out of my account and thus have moved it here.

Most programming lessons start out by teaching you how to get your computer to say “Hello, World!”. This always makes me laugh. I envision a doey-eyed computer-being deep within my maching awakening for the first time, leaning forward with a smile and proclaiming, “Hello, World!”.
Problem solving and language learning has always been fun for me. That said, sometimes my tools for these activities get me to pulling my hair and screwing up my face. The little being deep within my computer then seems to be snickering.
Lately I’ve been working in customer analytics and since last October with Teradata. Teradata is an amazingly power data warehousing solution that is sadly lacking in documentation and online solutions or cookbooks. It’s (almost) ANSI SQL has had me going in the right direction only to hit what seemed a completely illogical and quite nonsensical roadblock. And with no book or good forums to turn to. And so I Google.
Here is where I will post my foibles, syntax conquests, solutions, and tools. As I branch into other DMBSs and visualization tools I will share my code and links to good resources. This will be my online notebook. I hope you’ll contribute.

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